NOOTROPICS: Products in trend.

NOOTROPICS: Products in trend.

Nootropic products and/or food are substances designed to promote certain functions in the brain, for example: memory, cognitive function, intellectual performance, psychologic function… etc.

Although it is only recently that these products have begun to be heard of, we should know that, traditionally, human beings have been consuming this type of substances for years, without going any further: tea infusions, coffee, raisins, cocoa… and a long list of commonly consumed foods that contains active ingredients with nootropic effects.

How do nootropics work?

There are several mechanisms of action for these active substances, and although there is still much research to be done, depending on their classification, they support one or another specific brain functions.

For example, in some cases they act as precursors, intermediates, enhancers or inhibitors of certain neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, the main player in the proper functioning of the Central Nervous System. There are also vasodilators, substances that dilate blood vessels allowing and/or improving blood circulation in the brain. Neuroregenerators, capable of promoting the stimulation of neurons involved in neuroregeneration. Or neuroprotectants, those with the ability to promote and protect the survival of neurons. They also tend to act by decreasing the functional damage produced by any neuronal degeneration.

Although these are the most common, it is important to consider there are also other types of nootropics that indirectly affect brain functions.

What are the trends in nootropic food supplements?

Substances or drugs with nootropic effects, mainly drugs for attention and memory disorders or psychoactive drugs that improve the cognitive function of the brain, have been used for years.

There is currently a growing interest in this type of products, due to the increasing and constant demands that the pace of life forces us to keep our intellectual, energetic and psychological performance fully active. More and more importance is being given to good mental health, to the point of being fully balanced with physical health. In fact, the direct relationship between the two is repeatedly demonstrated.

However, the current preference of the population is to consume natural nootropic products rather than synthetic drugs. As a result, a significant development of nootropic products in the world of food supplements.