The new Regulation 2018/775 is currently published. It is referred to the indication of Country of origin (CO) or place of provenance (PP) from the primary ingredient, included in the Regulation 1169/2011 regulatory framework about food information provided to consumers.

The primary ingredient means an ingredient of a food that represent more than 50% of it, or when it is associated with the name of the food by the consumer. If a food does not have a primary ingredient this Regulation is not applied.

When should it be applied? In case of declaration of the CO/PP the food, either voluntarily or compulsory (see article 25 from Regulation 1169/2011) and if it does not match with the primary ingredient origin, the declaration of origin of the primary ingredient becomes compulsory.

Always? No, there are exclusions such as: those denominations of habitual foods that include an origin (for example: Icelandic moss), the trade’s address, legal denominations of geographical indications, registered trademarks, protected geographical indications, identification marks (see Regulation 853/2004), pictures used to help consumers find their language in the label and indications such as “Produced by” or “Packaged by” + the name of the company.

In case one of our products must have the indication, how do we proceed?

-          By the use of one of the following sentences, regarding to an area:

o   “EU”, “non-EU” or “EU and non-EU”

o   Region or any other geographical area located within several Member States

o   FAO fishing areas, or sea or freshwater body well understood by the average consumer

o   Member states or third country/ies

o   Region or geographical area which is well understood by average consumers

o   Country of origin or place of provenance in accordance with specific Union provisions

-          By means of a statement: “(name of the primary ingredient) do/does not originate from (the country of origin or the place of provenance of the food)” or a similar sentence.

It is not until April 1, 2020 that the new Regulation will become applicable. So all those food companies affected, have the time set to adapt the correct indication of the country of origin of their food.