After several controversies between the ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety), the EFSA and the European Commission (EC), France has finally decided to ban the authorized additive: Titanium Dioxide (E-171), with a publication in the French Official Journal. Such fact was determined on April 25, in order to prohibit the use, importation and commercialization of titanium dioxide and any food that contains it. This legal action was notified a day later to the EC.

The French resolution is based on several studies compiled, that point to possible oral toxicity of the additive, despite EFSA's opinion that Titanium Dioxide does not present any safety risks. One of the most significant is a study carried out by INRA (National French Institute of Agricultural Research) in 2017 that highlights potential carcinogenesis risks of its nanoparticles.

Currently, the European Commission is in a state of emergency. From now on, it must be discussed in each of the Member States to take the definitive decision.

Should this additive be prohibited or not?

Several European entities in the Food Supplements industry consider the decision to deprive its use negative, as it is an additive widely used in the sector.

The final decision is yet to be determined. As far as we are concerned, we await the final resolution constantly informing ourselves about the news of the matter.