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Productos Naturales Lleó was founded in 1996, and from day one has upheld the challenge of being a dynamic, up-to-date and customer-committed company. We manufacture non-branded food and veterinary supplements exclusively for third parties. Our production lines allow products to be packed and conditioned into any type of package and format:

  • Powder mixtures
  • Liquid mixtures
  • Capsules

To provide the very best service, we have specialists in the consulting department who accompany the customer throughout all stages of the product once records are obtained. For this purpose, Lleó boasts:

  • 1000 m2 of facilities
  • Cleanrooms with filtered air, high pressure, controlled temperature and humidity, etc.
  • A team of trained professionals from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • A host of material conditioning equipment to ensure that products meet all requirements
  • Equipment for mixing, packaging and conditioning products
Lleó Lleó

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Mixing and packaging of powders and liquids, packaging of capsules, comprehensive advice