Lleó boasts vast experience in advising the food industry (food and feed). We are in constant contact with the health authorities of several European Union countries to keep abreast of any changes in the respective laws of each food type.

Our consulting service includes:

  • Processing of the authorizations for marketing, distribution, etc., for the companies requiring them (RGSEAA, ANIMAL FEED, etc.). Furthermore, we also carry out relevant procedures for placing products in the Spanish market and in other countries (notification, free sale certificate, national code).
  • Advice on the legal framework of the ingredients in formulations, as well as on their dosage and standardizations.
  • Product analysis to obtain the nutritional information, certificate of allergens and others.
  • Review and preparation of texts on conditioning materials, advertising and promotions, adapted to current legislation in force.
  • Advice on the design of new products as well as renovation of those already existing.
  • Advice on other procedures and related consultations

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Mixing and packaging of powders and liquids, packaging of capsules, comprehensive advice